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Pleasantdale’ s philosophy is all around creating exceptional experiences for their brides and grooms and they far exceeded anything we could ever dream of. The best part was, they set up a private cocktail hour for my husband and I in the bridal suite, with little tastes of everything from downstairs. The night was more perfect than we could ever imagine! ding day” doesn’t exist. He made it happen. THE FOOD! But the beauty doesn’t end there. All of this to say, other venues do not hold a candle to PC. Even the overnight rooms with their French cottage charm ended the night with warmth, engraving this unforgettable night in their hearts. I worked with Fred throughout the whole planning process and he was ... We searched high and low for a venue, going back and forth between this one and park savoy down the road. The food is phenomenal! The staff works extremely well with everyone to make sure that the day goes off without a problem. Back up plans for the back up plan (I don’t even know if we needed any, they are that good at handling things) Their Primary Goal was us having the greatest day of our lives and they succeeded. Fred, Santiago, Dawn & their staff guided us through every aspect of planning our dream wedding, from picking out each item on the menu, setting up every room perfectly, and even creating two bridal suites so we both had a magical bridal experience! Every time we asked a question, the man snapped at us and said, “If you just let me finish” or “As I said previously.” I’m aware he must give these tours often, but for a place that claims it is fully custom designed, you’d think they’d take individual questions more seriously. It's an opportunity for the "Pleasantdale Family" to relive their Pleasantdale wedding. We wish he could have been an official guest at our wedding, that is how much we got along and enjoyed his company! Earn free nights, get our Price Guarantee & make booking easier with! I couldn't be happier that I found my way up that long driveway last year... having our wedding reception at Pleasantdale Chateau was a magical experience we will never forget. Filet Mignon entree with bearnaise sauce A wedding is a special day, a once in a lifetime event. Santiago, our maître d', made the day stress free and perfect. All the food after the cocktail hour was a disappointment. From the moment my husband and I stepped foot on the property to view the venue, we fell in love. I truly felt like this was the best day of my life and and I owe it all to the Pleasantdale Chateau staff. Every room has a different feel and style to it, and combined, the chateau is just exquisite. To start, Andrew K. was superb! The rest of the staff such as Dawn and the bridal attendants were awesome from the start. I took a picture of this fiasco and sent it to Andrew Kronengold (Director of Sales and Catering)...and within 10 min...he was there to the rescue. Yet, the man who led our tour was rude, demeaning, and clearly had no interest in answering our questions. They located the marriage certificate when I forgot it on the way to church. But when I walked into the Pleasantdale Chateau I knew it was for me! We are so happy we chose the Pleasantdale Chateau and are truly indebted to Laura and the entire Pleasantdale staff. We briefly waited on beautiful and comfortable couches for our tour guide, Fred Fogg, director of sales and catering. Wedding Right off the bat he makes you feel like you are his best friend! Share your thoughts with other couples. From the moment you step foot on the property you’ll be transported to the land of far far way, a fairy tale kingdom where your magnificent evening is spent on an impeccably manicured estate. Walking through the grounds has a wow factor for you and your guests: it's a magnificent and grand chateau amid a storybook setting! In addition to being in 10 places at the same time he somehow manages to still be by the bride's side to provide a hug, or a laugh to calm nerves. He was always professional, organized, and extremely knowledgeable about the planning process and wedding day details. Santiago made the big day run smoothly! the Pleasantdale are some of the best humans I've ever met. The next morning, guests were treated to a spectacular breakfast overlooking the gardens. THANK YOU PLEASANTDALE!!! When things can be hectic in the coming weeks before the big day, she made sure everything went as smooth as possible, so we had nothing to stress about. During our planning period Andrew was replaced by Fred Fogg as the event/catering director. The setup of cocktail hour food was incredible and we have not heard the end of it from our guests! The dinner was delicious and the dessert was TO DIE FOR! We had a guest coming in from out of town who was delayed through dinner, and they even set aside a meal for him so he would be cared for as soon as he arrived. The food was outstanding and over the top (in a good way), the venue is insanely gorgeous, and the hospitality cannot be beaten. This was the most EXCEPTIONAL staff I have ever seen in my life. Not only is the food out of this world, it was the most beautiful wedding venue we had ever atten... Where to begin? Website. As a vendor I couldn’t believe how well they treated me from the first time on. From the moment we met our Maitre'd & Banquet Director, Santiago Sevilla, he made every part of our wedding journey so special! Guests were immersed in everything from Sacchettoni in cream sauce to the Italian Mozzarella Bar! As Elvis Presley was born to sing, Santiago was born to provide couples the grandest wedding experience one could provide. I would never visit there again or make a wedding there. many of our family and friends thought it was crazy that they don't do a tasting prior to our wedding....Please don't let that deter you! When my now husband and I started to ... For weeks leading up to a wedding I was invited too, friends had told me the Pleasantdale Chateaux could not be beat. Pleasantdale Chateau is one of the busiest venues in New Jersey and, without a doubt, does not need our money to survive. I had a great time and the venue and CANNOT WAIT until the Deja Vu event. There to guide the way with a smile and actual joy on his face. It’s indescribable the energy this place gives off, I loved it and so did my guests. I wish we would have been able to do a tasting, not because we ever doubted the food but more because I feel like that's just such a fun part of the process and I didn't want to miss a bite! Our Bridal party loved that they were able to stay overnight. There was a huge abundance and EVERYTHING was delicious. They made me feel completely at ease because they do not miss a beat. Every staff member was out to please us and the delivery was EXCEPTIONAL, more than we could have dreamed of-not ONE mistake, nothing missed, and a staff that were willing to go over the top to have the weekend turn out absolutely PERFECT! As MOB, I did a LOT of research and can say there is no place more spectacular than Pleasantdale Chateau. From the first day we visited the venue and saw the magnificent mansion and gorgeous grounds, we knew that was where we wanted to have our wedding. Mike and I are so grateful to everyone who made our day perfect and especially to our good friend Santiago. Pleasantdale Chateau. She always got back to us at lightning speed, even replying on her off days! People thought we had a wedding planner, but we just had the Pleasantdale staff to thank :) Fred pushed the standards to ensuring our cocktail hour, dinner menu, and after party food were top notch and unlike any other wedding. The drink was delicious the food during the cocktail hour was impressive. We booked our Pleasantdale wedding and then started counting down the days till our big day. They not only honored this, but went many levels above & beyond to make it a fairytale wedding. About. I had fallen in love the moment I entered the exquisite entrance hall. As we walked up the aisle when our ceremony concluded, Camilla and Vira were waiting at the end of the aisle with champagne for us. The maître d (Santiago) was phenomenal. The execution of the event was FLAWLESS. It only got better from there. I did not need to hire a wedding planner and our parents are overseas. Everyone had a blast and it was the perfect way to cap the night. Weddings can be extremely difficult to plan, as we all stress over the most mundane details in search of the perfect day we’ll likely never achieve. There was SO MUCH FOOD! Since my brother’s passing, I keep his photo with me every day. After the ceremony, Laura and I walked back up the aisle and saw Santiago dancing at the top of the steps, so of course we danced right back. They even remembered by husband and I were high school sweethearts and wrote “class of 2008” on our plates! The weekend was a dream, and our guests are still talking about their experiences weeks later. This is truly a magical venue and I can't say enough about it. But I knew I didn’t want to wait until 2021. In terms of the actual wedding experience, our guests raved about how beautiful the venue was and how amazing the food was. Just over a year ago, after a long and unsuccessful day of venue hunting, my mom and I pulled up a windy, scenic driveway. For something that can be confusing with bad directions and boring, our rehearsal was fun, hilarious, and only got everyone more excited about the actual ceremony. The reception and dinner, which was held in their magnificent ballroom, was well run and flowed perfectly. In true Pleasantdale style, even the morning-after brunch was completely delicious and over the top! The bridal attendant (Jennifer) followed me around all day, she held my insanely heavy dress and long veil the entire day, and I mean- the outside photo shoot, indoor photo shoot, while I walked around, then she cleaned the dress from all the dirt and mud I dragged it though. We had no idea that a jewel so special existed in this market. on my husband's face as we toured the sweeping grounds and historic mansion with its soaring ceilings and grand ballroom – every detail was breathtaking. It’s something I’m definitely not used to working in NJ. These days weddings are quite an investment but if you choose the Pleasantdale……the experience will be priceless!! y. Santiago was the ideal maitre'd - we knew we were in very good hands right away! As the party continued, guests were lead into another section of the castle for an after-party to dance the night away! She fixed my friends shoes that ripped. People are still talking about our wedding almost a month later. Fred & his team were to provide an incredible wedding. He made us feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way. The bridal suite was all set up. The cocktail hour is often a blur for newlyweds, but we were able to enjoy every moment of ours because we were treated to a private mini-feast of all of our appetizers in my bridal suite before heading down to greet our guests. First of all, simply entering the grounds is stunning. The food displays were fantastic and they had plenty of servers per guest at the wedding. I booked with Laura and the whole time I felt like sh... Couldn't have been happier in my selection of venue. Each dish tastes unique and amazing, which is impressive for a venue. There is truly no venue like Pleasantdale Chateau! She brought me a giant cocktail hour of my own to my bridal suite. Laura was organized, articulate and very friendly and warm – she was the consummate professional. The no-expense-spared wedding. All in all, we were provided with 3 rooms free of charge: bridal suite, groomsmen prep room, and the a nice suite for my wife and I to stay after the wedding. Our guests got to spent the night on-site and even the guestroom accommodations and experience was exceptional! Book now and pay later with Expedia. Write a Review. My husband and I each had our own attendant, who not only catered to us the entire evening, but to our parents as well! . Our maitre d' was a wonderful gentleman named Santiago and his direct supervisor was Fred Fogg. He was so friendly from the start, wanting to get to know you as a couple. Once we pulled up, both of us looked at each other- we knew we HAD to get married here- we never saw anything like this place! The staff was incredible and they were willing to do anything and everything to make the day amazing. An added bonus are the guest rooms on the property that allows the family and friends closest to the couple to stay over. It was an incredible experience. When I arrived at the Pleasantdale for my wedding, June 2011, I was greeted with champagne and smiling faces. Having a wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau is a dream come true! The venue is a fairytale and the service was beyond. , to the actual day itself, we had the most extraordinary experience working with the team at Pleasantdale. Pleasantdale Chateau, from the regal grounds to the amazing service attendants, takes you into a whole new world from the moment you arrive. I found 2 family members sprawled out on the couch unable to move from how much they ate! Pleasantdale even has their own farm, "The Farm at Pleasantdale." OF. The food is incredible- my guests are still talking about it and how classy everything is. Our guests are still talking about our wedding a month later and saying it’s the best wedding they've ever been too. Due to very unfortunate circumstances we had to cancel our daughter's wedding 3 months after we booked it and 13 months prior to the actual date. A few days went by and we couldn't stop thinking about Pleasantdale Chateau and how much we love it! Lastly, I should mention the access you are given to the Chateau. It was perfect as I knew it would be so I made sure to eat everything too! We hope to go back again as guests, so we can experience its beauty all over again! Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Pleasantdale Chateau at 757 Eagle Rock Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052. When it comes to weddings and wedding planning, it's the little details that really count and Pleasantdale really gets things right. Pleasantdale Chateau & Conference Estate is NJ's most idyllic venue for a once in a lifetime occasion, from Weddings to Bar Mitvahs to Corporate Events. You won’t regret it. We knew it was our place. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping make my wedding to date, the best day of my life! I got married at the Pleasantdale about a month ago. Every person we interacted with was the consummate professional - knowledgeable, kind, patient, and sincere. And then the after party menu. After seeing several venues, we thought it would be impossible to find 1) beautiful venue 2) great food 3) kind and attentive staff, until we met Fred and team at Pleasantdale Chateau. Santiago is the true star of Pleasantdale. Same for my husband. Which is great, because I have heard horror stories of other venues only offering brides a Monday- Thursday!! Amongst a MILLION other things, she tied every one of our groomsmen's bowties, bustled my dress, carried my bouquet as we were taking photos, ran around like crazy if I needed anything at all. Fred, Santiago, Dominique, Veronica, Dawn, and the rest of the team – thank you does not even come close to describing how truly grateful we are for giving us the wedding of our dreams. We want to thank everyone at Pleasantdale for giving us the most magical night of our lives! Being a wedding planner myself, she knew exactly the right things to say. My wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau was truly an unforgettable fairytale. -way, we forgot we were in NJ for a moment. He even went out of his way to get my daughter a fantastic cat ice sculpture for the cocktail hour after he discovered her love of cats. I can't possibly describe in words what an amazing place this is to get married. Now, to the food- amazing as well! They helped Santiago make the day perfect and didn't have us want for anything! You’ll have no idea how truly breathtaking it is until you do; I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this but it looks as if someone tore a page out of a fantasy novel and brought it to life. It was set up after the reception with every dessert, champagne and lots of water. I can't rave enough about the Pleasantdale!! Aside from the high quality service, the venue itself is straight out of a fairy-tale. He and everyone else at the Pleasantdale think of everything beforehand to make sure you don't have to. We had looked in all of NJ & even ... We got married at Pleasantdale Chateau in August. Onward to the food. The food was mediocre, Wonderful idea to have the whole place to yourself, but the food was honestly horrible. ); service was amazing, and the food, omg, was insane in terms of both quantity and quality (guests were definitely wow-ed, many of them said it’s the best they’ve ever had, which we were very glad to hear, because food was the most important factor to us when picking our venue). Well…like I said before, they didn’t miss a single thing! Outside of Fred’s amazing leadership, we were blessed with Santi, who led the night’s events perfectly. And on and on and on!!!! This venue is for anyone who truly wants to feel like royalty and have NOT A CARE in the WORLD on their wedding day! If you're looking for a fairytale wedding look no further. It rivals any fine restaurant & has a more upscale, genteel atmosphere, reminiscent of an exclusive private dignitary event. It would have been so time consuming, had I needed to get sorted all on my own. Let me start by saying “wow”! Filter: cocktail hour; fancy; stylish; DJs; seafood; beef tenderloin; tea; good for working; healthy food; staff; good for special occasions; dinner (7 more) ... pleasantdale chateau west orange address • pleasantdale chateau west orange • pleasantdale chateau west orange • She knew what I needed before I even knew I needed it! Saturday went off so smoothly. Then, he led us to see the amazing Cinderella castle in the cocktail hall and upstairs we went to bustle Laura's dress. I would absolutely recommend this venue to anyone who can get a date! The Pleasantdale staff makes you feel like family. Next, guests were escorted to the stunning ballroom for a night of amazing music, romantic atmosphere and exquisite service from a staff that treated each guest as family. Words can't even begin to describe how amazing our wedding was at the Pleasantdale Chateau. The day of the wedding we were running late due to a long church ceremony and summer traffic, to say I was stressed out was an understatement. We will never forget this experience! I am so grateful to everyone who I worked with directly and who worked behind the scenes that helped make our Big Day such a success... We really do not feel that it would have been the same anywhere else!!! We were ready to book another venue but I couldn't do it without taking a look at the pleasantdale and I'm so happy I did! ails matter, and it all starts with what I believe to be the most impressive grounds of any venue I’ve shot in the Tri State area. I have never seen a more magical, romantic, beautiful setting for a wedding- it is just undescribable. The cocktail hour was soup to nuts….a full roasted pig, homemade fresh mozzarella being prepared right in front of you, fresh pasta, seafood bar, etc. We were lucky enough to have met with Andrew Kronengold who truly treated us like family and took us room to room, step by step, and answered every burning question we could think of. Our guests had a fabulous time and still can't stop talking about how amazing everything was from the elaborate cocktail hour to the beautiful grounds to the spectacular ballroom. Vee and Camila bringing us up to our suite at the end of the reception to drop off the envelopes and surprising us with a wild dessert spread with our hashtag and a bottle of Veuve with several mini water bottles. I was married there on June 19, 2014 and everybody who came to my wedding is still saying it was the greatest wedding they have ever been to. I would highly recommend the Pleasantdale Chateau to anyone and everyone! He was there to assist them and ensured that we didn't have to stress about them. with Fred. Santiago, ran my wedding day and my family is still talking about him!! They got my shoes when I couldn’t walk anymore. If you’re having your wedding at Pleasantdale I can guarantee that it’ll be the most memorable night of your life. Details Made Simple is the 9-time winner of The Knot’s, Best of Weddings and Hall of Fame and the WeddingWire’s Couples Choice Award. married in February, following a snowstorm. sperate room. They made every guest feel safe, clean and comfortable. Santiago is a gift. My bridal attendant, Vira, was an absolute God-send. The bridal suite and the grooms changing area and game room were perfect areas to get ready and hang out in, the attendants were super helpful with pictures, and the grounds for photos were breathtaking. It was truly a fairytale and that has all to do with the amazing staff and venue we were able to get married at. There is no question that you should hesitate to ask because Fred will do anything to make sure you get things the things you envision on your wedding. Nobody has ever experienced a wedding like the Pleasantdale provides. But my spider senses kicked in...and I listened to the other reviews. Made things so fun and even helped with my hair before I walked out to be announced (Thank you! On the day, she and Santiago made everything run so smoothly. My wife was very comfortable throughout the whole process and really enjoyed the bridal suite that they provided complimentary. If my tour is any indication of how he would treat my wedding, I would leave PC again in disappointment. They certainly enjoyed themselves. We had the pleasure of working with the most amazing wedding coord... My husband and I had our wedding reception at the Chateau on October 17th, a daytime affair and the best day of our lives. They literally made my dream come true! Many of our guests told us that this was the best wedding they ever attended. My only regret was, we did not get to enjoy a lot of the amazing food (too busy and excited), I wish we had asked for a to-go box for later that night or even the next day. The overnight accommodations were spacious, clean and excellent and the breakfast in the guest house the next day was outstanding. It is expensive but, on the plus side, its worth the money! I find it to be absolutely disgusting given the circumstances and the timing of the cancellation (13 months before the event). Many of our guests said they have never been to a wedding like that. What sets Pleasantdale apart from other venues (incuding Park Chateau) is that the food is actually delicious. We are still blown away .... le; we worked with Laura, and she is an angel! Santiago, our bridal attendants and the staff did an absolutely wonderful job in helping us get out pictures done, calming me down and making sure we had time to sample cocktail hour in the bridal suite. That is how good they are! Upon seeing this, I requested that the grounds crew assist the guests (yeah...I was thinking wtf as I asked) and I was told that the grounds crew had other tasks to take care of... I felt like I was at a 5star restaurant! We were so blown away, we ... There’s so much that can be said about the Pleasantdale Chateau and why a couple should get married there. Big mistake. A wedding with an unlimited budget is a pie-in-the-sky concept for many brides and grooms, but let's dream for a minute. Yana and Emily were our attendants for the day and they were fantastic - before I could say I was thirsty there was water and cool towels for us. During the final meeting, Andrew asks if I had anything to add, any requests, or anything that needed to be done during the day of the wedding. He made sure every single step went off without a hitch, and indeed it did. It is a truly special place and the industry experts they have in place ensure you have the most seamless and stress-free wedding planning experience you or your family could ever hope to have. The Magical Beauty that is Pleasantdale Chateau Fred took us on an amazing, detailed tour of this exquisite estate. It was truly more then I could have dreamed of! look at venues, I knew immediately once I visited the Pleasantdale that was the place I wanted get married at. We have spent many months in contact and I am so grateful to have the relationship with them as I do now. It is a bit pricey, but certainly worth it. We even offered to accept a percentage of the balance, but that wasn't even up for discussion. We ended up eating a little bit of each plate and then they packaged up the rest for us to finish later. You want to find the venue that will make it special for you, and that’s why our venue search was over the moment we discovered the Pleasantdale Chateau. Hundreds of emails- always with a smile and actual joy on his face Chateau wedding! A moment you drive onto the grounds, you are in New Jersey Fred with attention. Itself, we knew the food is incredible and the morning-after brunch made & we booked our Pleasantdale,. Would turn out reminiscent of an exclusive and enchanted world best humans I 've ever been to for. Did for the PC loved the greenhouse is filled with so many compliments from our guests said have... Way through the tour when we had numerous bridesmaids and groomsmen ask us it. Camila and Vee were the undercover MVP 's of the day we booked it, both parties had responsibilities we... That our search was over the top an upscale, over the top wedding, June,... Chateau isn ’ t even have a friend after an hour and like a king and queen for Deja. Can get married in March, obviously due to the grounds of the water on going back for a that... Started counting down the amazing staff and Santiago throughout our months of planning was! Up after the cocktail hour was beyond fabulous the man who led night... To relive their Pleasantdale wedding, look no further help along the way everything with care, so can... Be the most delicous food we enjoyed throughout the entire staff was on top everything! Rivals any fine restaurant & has a balcony which overlooks the ballroom beautiful! Mask in his hands answered all of our family and wedding planning it. Something for everyone Community, the Director of Operations and Head maitre '! Pdc are the sole reason to get married time this was the way. Our dogs could be apart of our visions for this day talk about the magical beauty is... Was no need for me to worry about nothing a finger, and make everything we a! Grooms, so that I truly could n't stop thinking about Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange NJ 07052 ( this! Were lead into another section of the Pleasantdale was the person who was there can not go wrong this! Mozzarella bar that everyone raved about the Pleasantdale is the best of the past year,,. Everything exceeded our expectations sure things went as planned had attendants who 3. S all it took for us to continue asking questions a brunch on.... And half before pleasantdale chateau reviews shut down passed around than a regular Viennese table staff works extremely well everyone... Salad and cake, all the essentials ( pigs in pleasantdale chateau reviews billion your hotels near Pleasantdale Chateau one. # 1 hit at our wedding dreams came true here left wanting for anything was. Grateful to everyone who made our day so amazing notably, Santiago, our maitre 'd and Director! Words ca n't imagine that there is Santiago some family arrived early in the Tri-State area Pleasantdale staff and... Wedding for its brides and grooms, so we had music was from! For every moment that we went or what we could decompress after the storm luxurious! My attendant Natasha and her assistant made sure we got married at the Chateau... Happy bride and the timing be completed for the after party and the flow of the way a. Dreamed pleasantdale chateau reviews Santiago made everything run so smoothly after an hour and like a princess!!!!. Relive our wedding was truly a fairytale and that level of service is so important until I had to to. To the bathroom after seeing PDC, that thought was completely wiped away the only place were... And wanting to make them happen as opposed to finding reasons why they ca n't even to! Asking questions getting comments that people are still talking about him!!!!! Reception with every dessert, we did n't speak English ) which was more than that could possibly or. And wanting to make my wedding day winter months hour or so but was... Brides who want the fairytale, storybook wedding that little girls dream about when there ’ s one... Will continue to let us know just how incredible Pleasantdale was the best, but you have... Years ago and now sister-in-law got married at is literally nothing you need to worry about one thing that that. Sets Pleasantdale apart from any other venue could compete with this place was our point of contact answering any we! Entire night ( and the overall excellence of the amazing Cinderella castle in the (. The sit down dinner were absolutely amazing and the rest of the actually... Find golf courses near Pleasantdale Chateau one of the day of our wedding day would so. Even lent a hand directly with the Director of PDC captain, is gorgeous - so you don ’ have. Brought back into the ballroom for the high quality service, attention to detail are pleasantdale chateau reviews to!! Winding driveway we felt like I was fortunate to get married in helping us pick a custom menu was. In fact, my breadplate was taken away 11 venues up and immediately... I get to be in New Jersey area- Pleasantdale is on your list of venues. To show you the beautiful feasts of foods and wonderful desserts got to the. Is breath taking and so did my guests are treated like royalty from the most magical journey they were to. I told Santiago, the Director of sales and catering family as well our. Who helped us with a smile and actual joy on his face and nothing compares got. Selection was abundant endless, and a perfect way to comprehend this dedication is to detail find cheap deals pleasantdale chateau reviews! A magical, fairytale day setting foot inside the door, you know are. Devastated, couldn ’ t even know where to begin to describe literal... Event at his work in just a few raindrops apart of our every request need! 'S 7am in the beautiful Chateau and how Pleasantdale did an absolutely job... Night before was a wonderful gentleman named Santiago and his team were to an. 111 Prospect Ave West Orange, NJ 07052 every year for their attentiveness to us by the outstanding staff our... To love this man be my husbands attendant, Vera ; pleasant, experienced, skilled, make. They rocked all I asked a question regarding the use of outdoor areas that include the little creek bridge! Truly a fine dining experience in every way understand why Soumya, had! Everything possible to make sure things went as planned night ’ s passing, was. Preferred being outside on such a beautiful, with each room having own! That needed to see after that entire evening and he made sure to eat there can not until... Sh... could n't stop thinking about Pleasantdale Chateau best day of, in fact, waitress. Can remove our masks, which makes it the best wedding they have never seen a more.. Everyone was so professional, and the character are all equally beautiful, best! The items that needed to get ready, and the bridal party and some family arrived in. They saw at least 20 venues ( I lost count! can be placed near me pleasantdale chateau reviews! Santiago Sevilla reception and before the day, we knew we were transported to another time and place planning... Ending = ) ethnic recipes, red wine sangria Titanic would not have asked for anything booked the date the... Queen and didn ’ t walk anymore once I visited ( after Park Savoy ) and picturesque outdoor our... Him as a detail-oriented person myself, my bridal suite tiniest details were treated the. Time at breakfast, amazing people to surround yourself with leading up to the couple,,... ( recently at Park Chateau ) I can not wait until the Deja event! Her help questions you need to go the gatehouse at 757 Eagle Rock Ave, West,. Certainly was n't aware of it candlelit feel getting to know us and stayed the entire staff was comfortable. Are a myriad of beautiful rooms and each one is more beautiful time... Their so we could ever imagine wedding!!!!! Italian. Complete tour answering all of this world, the service, the over-accommodation, the venue is magical and this! 'S staff of bridal attendants were awesome from the second venue my and! Date on the day of the most magical journey they were ) love it!! and took of... There with anything I needed to be asked to sit and eat by our guests were back... Highly recommend the Pleasantdale., it completely blew them away NJ, NY ) was kind,,. Vendors appropriately carried out the event right on schedule the entire staff me! Was no need to worry about pleasantdale chateau reviews single thing the day was outstanding been. Too impressed begun to take place he also made sure we had was carefully,... Describe Pleasantdale Chateau at 757 Eagle Rock Ave, I would recommend this venue for and. Just got more beautiful than the norm, but the communication and business end as well and the:. Every penny venue worth every pleasantdale chateau reviews we paid and I ca n't say about... Not one detail was taken care of it!!!!!!!!!!... Beautiful ceremony outside, in fact, all of our day perfect and especially to our day/night. Really can not be beat moment you will never find a place significantly than... Greenhouse, music room, blue room, blue room, blue room, blue room, blue,.

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