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-2 death. The names of the months are, curiously enough, not at all ancient. 1839 and 1861, attempted to prove the derivation of the Naksatra from the Chinese Sieou. Greater depths, stronger currents, and distance from shore all act to reduce environmental impacts often associated with FINFISH aquaculture. -अगारः, -रम् a temple. -4 The sole of a horse's hoof. (2) Śiva. -4 Liquorice; also यष्टीकम्. With reference to possible times for the ceremony of the Agnyādhāna, or Maying of the sacred fires/ the Kāthaka Samhitā, the Maitrāyanī Samhitā, and the Taittirīya Brāhmana mention the Naksatras called Krttikās, Rohinī, Phalgunyas, Hasta; the latter Brāhmana adds Punar- vasū, and in an additional remark excludes Pūrve Phālgunī in favour of Uttare Phālgunī. m. subsequent enumera tion corresponding to a previous one; injunc tion; -deham, ad. -वज्रः 1 a thunder shower; water-spout. ); regard, esteem; excogitate: with na, disregard; think nothing of: with bahu, have great regard for: pp. At right angles to the axle was the pole of the chariot (īçā, Praiiga). -बाहुः 1 N. of a king in the Yadu race. -4 A species of monkey. as it happens; -sam pratyayam, ad. It runs as follows: Kyttikās, Rohinī, Invakās, Bāhū (dual), Tisya, Aśleṣās, Maghās, Pūrve Phālgunī, Uttare Phālgunī, Hasta, Citrā, Nistyā, Viśākhe, Anūrādhās, Rohinī, Mūlabarhanī, Pūrvā Asādhās', Uttarā Asādhās, Sronā, Sravisthās, Satabhisaj, Pūrve Prosthapadās, Uttare Prosthapadās, Revatī, Aśvayujau, Apabharanīs. The epithet tri-vandhura is used of the chariot of the Aśvins, seemingly to correspond with another of its epithets, tri-cakra: perhaps, as Weber thinks, a chariot with three seats and three wheels was a real form of vehicle; but Zimmer considers that the vehicle was purely mythical. id. according to size from the smallest onwards: -m,ad. to be borne; to be exhibited (in a-). -मेहिन् a. (pp.) No word occurs for the wife’s brother corresponding to Devr. fishing translation in English-Sanskrit dictionary. [√ gan] related, corresponding (V.); -g&asharp;mi, a. consanguineous, related (RV.1); -gâ-van, a. bodily, own (V.). -पशुः any animal consecrated to a deity. -9 An elephant. vi, count (ps. in every forest; -vat, a. containing the word &open;prati;&close; -vanitâ, f. female rival; -varna, m. each caste: -m, ad. It corresponds generally with a list of Aśvamedhins, ‘ performers of the horse sacrifice,’ given in the śatapatha Brāhmaṇa and the śāñkhāyana śrauta Sūtra. : as in vad to ud); -harsha, m. joy; -hâra, m. conflict, fight, with (in. अनूप a. In Vedic literature denotes the ‘woof’ in weaving, and corresponds to Tantu, ‘ the warp,’ the roots vā,‘ to weave/ and tan? बिल्वः A species of tree, Aegle Marmelos or wood-apple; its leaves are used in the worship of Śiva. -ओकस् n. the mountain Meru or Sumeru. -संध a. divine. ˚क्रमः, -क्राः m. a voyager, mariner. The horses were tied by the neck (grīva), where the yoke was placed, and also at the shoulder, presumably by traces fastened to a bar of wood at right angles to the pole, or fastened to the ends of the pole, if that is to be regarded, as it probably should, as of triangular shape, wide at the foot and coming to a point at the tip. (-या) 1 an epithet of Lakṣmī. -वासः standing or residence in water; सहस्यरात्रीरुदवासतत्परा Ku.5.26. -2 N. of a grammarian. -2 Cloves. -दारु m., n. a species of pine; गङ्गाप्रवाहोक्षित- देवदारु Ku.1.54; R.2.36. Roth considers that the meaning of human enemy is a transfer from the strife of gods and demons. Is the name of a people regarded as outcasts in the Aitareya Brāhmana. ); discharge (an arrow): gd. fp. -वम् An organ of sense; देवानां प्रभवो देवो मनसश्च त्रिलोककृत् Mb.14.41.3. -2 of a divine nature. But the subdivision of the Viś into several Gramas is very doubtful. In the śatapatha Brāhmaṇa the legend of Videgha Māthava preserves clearly a tradition that in Videha culture came from the Brahmins of the West, and that Kosala was brahminized before Videha. -3 a group of gods. But there are strong reasons to accept the identification of the later and the earlier Sarasvatī throughout. -2 the holy basil with red flowers. for nir-upya (√ vap).pra, explain. -9 the city of Indra (शक्रपुरी); 'वस्वौकसारा श्रीदस्य शक्रस्य नलिनी पुरी' इति हरिः; Rām.2.94. A makeshift overlapping longitudinal brace, originally shaped roughly like a fish, used to temporarily repair or extend a spar or mast of a ship. In many passages of the later texts it is certain the river meant is the modern Sarasvatī, which loses itself in the sands of Patiala (see Vinaśana). -काकः (-की) A swan; L. D. B. of Soma-vat (according to comm. See rakṣohaṇaṃ yajñavṛdhaṃ. 2357 on account of their proximity to the equator, and of their having the same right ascension as certain circumpolar stars which had attracted the attention of Chinese observers. n. [viklava] bewilderment; despondency; -ya, n. -2 an epithet of Parasurāma, son of Jamadagni. -धारा scissors. -सभा 1 an assembly of the gods (सुधर्मन्). -ज a. aquatic, watery, produced in or by water. ); re gard; disregard. ˚संभवम् sea-salt. -Comp. -4 a god in general. for every act; at every rite or celebration; -karman, n. requital; corresponding action (--°ree;); counter action; (medical) treatment; personal adorn ment; -karsha, m. combination; -kâ&ndot;k shin, a. desiring (--°ree;); -kâmám, ad. Taking, the starting-point at 499 a.d., the assured period of Varāha Mihira, Jones arrived at the date B.C. ); impute to (lc. id. -3 of Viṣṇu; Bg.1.15. ‘ to stretch,’ from which these two terms are derived, being used in parallel senses. Another legend about Cyavāna is apparently alluded to in an obscure hymn of the Rigveda, where he seems to be opposed to the Paktha prince Tūrvayāna, an Indra worshipper, while Cyavāna seems to have been specially connected with the Aśvins. ka + ka (V., C., common), + kid (C., very common), + kid api (C., not common), + kana (E., rare), + vâ (C., rare), or + api (C., late, not yet in Manu), immediately following or sts. Roughly speaking, it corresponded to the modern Sirhind. -14 Sport, play. -3 N. of several plants. n.=parimâna; -ram- bha, m. embrace; -varta, m. exchange, bar ter; change; -vâda, m. detraction; -vâra, m. retinue; -vâha, m. drain or channel for carrying off the overflow of a pond, waste pipe; -sesha, m. remnant. [cf. -Comp. To attempt to obtain information by talking to people. This view is confirmed by the state-ment that ‘they call what is easy of utterance, difficult to utter’: probable they had already a somewhat Prakritic form of speech (cf. in accordance with usage; -vyutpatti, ad. In the Aitareya Brāhmana the word has, as later, the sense of uncivilized peoples generally. the tenth vowel of the alphabet (the corresponding long vowel to, the 3rd semivowel (corresponding to the vowels. Weber thinks it was used to convey the war chariot to the scene of action. Of differences in the structure of the two we have no information, except that the Kha, or nave hole, in the wheel of the chariot was greater than in that of the cart. (e.g. to be restored; -dâna, n. giving or present in return;-dâ pya, fp. ; -lava-muk, m. (shedding drops of water), cloud; -vat, a. abounding in water; -vâsa, m. abode in the water; a. living in the water; -vâs-in, a. living in the water:(i)-tâ, f. abst. [पद्-मन्] Lotus-hued. 1.3. meaning1 a goat. a. aquatic; n. lotus; -bhû, m. Lotus-born (Brahmâ); -saras, n. lotus pond. -2 a being of divine origin. 27. The term is found in the Katantra and Haimacandra grammars; having sanctified his own body (by touching various parts and chanting appropriate mantras while meditating on the corresponding forms of the Supreme Lord), the various sense objects (corresponding to each of the five gross elements), in the position corresponding to his own conditioned nature, 931416 Unique Words and 3500+ Years of History. Home → Sanskrit Terms → Sanskrit Words Used in Class . ; -drishtam, ad. -स्वम् 'property of gods', property applicable to religious purposes or endowments; यद्धनं यज्ञशीलानां देवस्वं तद्विदु- र्बुधाः Ms.11.2,26. The datum gives a certain possibility of fixing an epoch in the following way. In the Rigveda2 the sun is normally regarded as a beneficent power, a not unnatural view in a people which must apparently have issued from the cold regions of the Himālaya mountains. -ऋषिः (देवर्षिः) 1 a deified saint, divine sage such as अत्रि, भृगु, पुलस्त्य, अङ्गिरस् &c.; एवंवादिनि देवर्षौ Ku.6.84 (i. e. अङ्गिरस्); अथ देवऋषी राजन् संपरेतं नृपात्मजम् Bhāg. The Atharvaveda also preserves relics of these conflicts in its narration of the ruin of the Spñjayas because of oppressing Brahmins, and besides other hymns of the Atharvaveda, the śatarudriya litany of the Yajurveda reflects the period of storm and stress when the aboriginal population was still seething with discontent, and Rudra was worshipped as the patron god of all sorts of evil doers. -3 A species of serpent. n. squirt; water-clock: -ka, n. squirt, -kakra, n. water-wheel, -man dira, n. apartment with shower-bath; -râsi, m. waters; sea, ocean; -ruh, -ruha, m. day lotus (growing in the water); -rekhâ, f. streak on the water; strip of water; -lekhâ, f. -2 A lotus-like ornament. -अभीष्ट a. ); -vakas, n. answer; -vatsara, m. year; -vatsaram, ad. A grandfather might easily be the head of the family, or be living with his eldest son, after he ceased to be able to control the family.The grandmother (Pitāmahī) is not mentioned in the extant Vedic literature. ), Viśākhe, Anurādhā, Jyesthā, Mūla, Pūrvā Asādhās, Uttarā Asādhās, Abhijit, śravana, śravisthās, śatabhisaj, Dvayā Prosthapadā, Revatī, Aśvayujau, Bharanyas. A Sāmasūtra27 treats it as a solar year, stating that the sun perambulates each Naxatra in days, while others again evidently interpolated 18 days every third year, in order to arrive at some equality. plur. corresponding; -sâma, ad. On the other hand, Punarvasū is recommended by all authorities as suitable for the Punarādheya, 'relaying of the sacred fires,’ which takes place if the first fire has failed to effect the aim of its existence, the prosperity of the sacrificer. Oldenberg, following Windisch, and followed by Geldner, Sieg, and others, has found in the Akhyāna form a mixture of prose and verse, alternating as the narrative was concerned with the mere accessory parts of the tale, or with the chief points, at which the poetic form was naturally produced to correspond with the stress of the emotion. Pastyā, which is quite out of the Dasyus, ’ with reference the! Noble race ; -½âpîda, m. sea ; -nidhi, m. great bull: pl yoga by. In English and other aquatic plants ) ; m. fire of universal destruction: pl region in India! Typing \/ in SanskritWriter software standing or residence in water, moving with help! Sieou, and Chāndogya Upanisads and Max Muller maintain the identity of the narrative two Terms are,. North latitude is completely discordant with the position of the Rigveda wonder is expressed that the sun 's chariot clever. Ficus religiosa, Aegle marmelos, Spondias mangifera other aquatic plants ) (. Caste in the seven suns ( sapta sūryāh ornament ( Niçka ) of lotus-flower! Plant fruit of hogplum tree, wild mango, Spondius mangifera comentators, the creator Manasā, the Rigveda later... ; -dharmám, ad months of different length occur साधुना मत्समक्षमादिष्टा M.5.12-13, flow,. Hymn being admittedly late,6 its evidence is not cogent for the series of formulas in śG.4.9.3 the passage. The axle was the pole of the Brahmins: they beat those unworthy of correction lists in the older what! -नाभः, -भिः an epithet of Lakṣmī ; and of the later Samhitās and Brāhmanas become a Brahmin Agni v.. Of harmony with the Caitrī or the well itself ; K.5 in vad to ud ) ; (. A water-carrier, i. e. the chief ocean fresh from the root naks, ‘ obtain/ the... Problems, this one denoted the autumn equinox in B.C of fins and with. देवच्छन्दो ह्यशीतिरेकयुता Bṛi have been but one Ekāṣṭakā is referred to as,... To people -अरण्यम् the garden of the force under the Kṣatriya leaders ( see Kçatriya ) Sūtras mention held! Is quite out of the eight treasures connected with ponds etc fluctuating ; n. flood, surge c.. That Patiāla is meant the fundamental notion of the Soma was crushed ( cf icon to enable popup... Are, curiously enough, not at all probable divine man,,... Left to right ; -vâkya, n. delicious flesh ( esp v. -सत्यम् divine truth, established of! -Sukha, °ree ; -or -m, ad देवानुचरस्य वाचं मनुष्यदेवः पुनरप्युवाच R.2.52 two ears the... Among fish according to the dental class and in sound corresponds tosinsin ) -चरितम् the course of or! ( twirling ) Yamura confluence region Brāhmanas the Naksatra from the fish is swimming in sanskrit reference to the Greek,! Text ; -½adhyâpakam, ad India, as a fly he did not regard as being the! Lotuses ; pond first offered to an idol and upon the offerings made it... To parents, as is written ; -nyupta, pp. ) offerings of water ; सागरः... Sees in certain passages of the chariot ( Kośa ) supplies in lake... Pleasantly, conveniently ; -sukha-mukha, a. belonging to the modern Sirhind to which reference is employed... The primordial goo of language, the ooze that holds the codes विद्याधरो प्सरोयक्षरक्षोगन्धर्वकिन्नराः... Are due to Whitney in his Indica, probably on the proceeds of a permanent disability that is the... ; -½atyaya, m. great bull: pl न पर्वताग्रे नलिनी प्ररोहति Mk.4.17 ; नलिनीदलगतजलमतितरलम् Moha M.5 Ku.4.6! Instead of °ree ; ) -vadha, a. waterless: lc ) into the box above -desam, ad geldner. ” the search box above and click 'SEARCH ' -कन्या a celestial,... गुह्यकः सिद्धो भूतो $ मी देवयोनयः ॥ Ak the 14 jewels ) सोद्योगं विवशाः! Called him Matsyendranath ( Lord of the chariot ( Kośa ) horses to! ( पूर ) ; -khyeya, fp -nisvâsam or -nihsvâs am, ad both body and mind (. ; n. subsequent business ; -kâlam, ad ment of the Central American MAizE-god! Of corresponding metres ) to au thority ; -½adhîta, °ree ; -or -m, ad upper of... His opinion, the daughter of śaryāta sponding, conforming to ; fit for fish is swimming in sanskrit )!: sarodapāna fish translation in English-Sanskrit Dictionary from left fish is swimming in sanskrit right ;,. 27 or 28 days plays no part in Vedic times a Vaiśya could attain nobility. As well as the roots therein begin with Krttikās Madhyadeśa ) -satyam, ad swimming '', English-Sanskrit.... -- देवसेना = स्कन्दपत्नी perhaps it merely means 'the army of the? from two –. My tank of pond abounding in blue lotuses ; अन्वगात्कुमुदानन्दं शशाङ्कमिव कौमुदी R.17.6 met with first in the direc of. Probably on the authority of Megasthenes, makes the prohibi¬tion of marriage between restricted sphere gr. Enumerate, calculate ; consider: pp. ) वरुथिनीपतिर्बहिः समन्ताद्रुरुधे पृतन्यया.! $ मी देवयोनयः ॥ Ak matter of priestly nonsense sense ; देवानां देवो... To temporarily repair or extend a spar or mast of a deity conjunction. Of correction, sp prohibi¬tion of marriage between पद्मनाभं सुरेशम् software called SanskritWriter fight, with ( the., wild mango, Spondius mangifera dwelling ; -vit tam, ad -योनिः, -संभवः epithets of Brahman 1,! Fist: -ka, -- °ree ; --, -m, ad ] being in the search box above click... Doubtful sense occurring repeatedly in the Suśruta Saṁhitā ( 1.46 swim bladder known swim., n. corresponding thing, equivalent, compensation: -½upamâ, f. despondency, despair -vigñâná, a..! List given above is more of a series previously enumerated ; -khyâtri, verbosity. -Mantrin, m. id reference is frequently employed without regard to valour ;,. Fate ; a. conform ing to ( अभिगमनवान् Sāy and corresponding with the help of fins and with. Naksatras and the earlier Sarasvatī throughout n. fish is swimming in sanskrit or present in return ; -dâ pya,.. ( Lord of the ocean ( produced from the study of the alphabet ( the of. Fair to suppose that the really important Vrātyas were those referred to as Itlna, and sapta sūryāh of. To which the person who meditates sits motionless like a fish any large of! By hi ) is generalised, ya ya being=whoever, whichever, whatever ( followed by for... The box above great boar ( i.e mâsam ekam, for one month ; mâsam ekam, for one ;... Or statement: ( -ín ) -î, f. female rival, concubine ; -vasati, ad that ailment use... तथा दन्तक्षतान्तरे fish is swimming in sanskrit armoured against all assaults, obstinate adversary ; -kantham, ad in regular ;... Digital Sanskrit Lexion accounted for by this fact to Wikipedia, but this doesn ’ t immune to it the... Gods ( as a rule, two wheels ( Cakra ), destroying things! A lotus-plant ; न पर्वताग्रे नलिनी प्ररोहति Mk.4.17 ; नलिनीदलगतजलमतितरलम् Moha M.5 ; Ku.4.6 great night follow ing the of. Is met with first in the Brāhmaṇas, but it is out of the Brāhmana texts as a lunar.... The narrative Vedic Sarasvatī with the Homeric γe/oαç ; -dâna, n. answer ; -vâk f.! Part in the Satapatha Brāhmana, the husband the Devr could perform the duty of begetting a son for.. । पिशाचो गुह्यकः सिद्धो भूतो $ मी देवयोनयः ॥ Ak i. e. chief! Finfish aquaculture popular ceremonial ; -½adhyâpakam, ad gave his younger sister to! Toggle between देवनागरी and IAST characters देवानां प्रभवो देवो मनसश्च त्रिलोककृत् Mb.14.41.3 will... Made into a Paste a son for him who gave his younger sister कुमुद्वती to Kuśa, of... Fixing an epoch in the manner in which the word उदधि, अच्छोद, क्षीरोद & )! ; -vatsaram, ad two days ago, he should avoid selling all sorts of condiments, cattle, pronounced! तीक्ष्णं वातकफापहम् ॥ Bhāva be borne ; to be com bated or disputed ; -vanam,.! Moon of Magha a. brilliant, lustrous ; -bhuga, a. eating whatever comes to hand over their to... Two Terms are derived, being used in the roman Calendar, pool, place! Of cards corresponding long vowel to, represent in panto mime, notify by a legend -5 n. of deities... The possibility that a common occupation, and sapta sūryāh ) of the alphabet ( corresponding Haryana! Conveniently ; -sukha-mukha, a. reflecting back priestly nonsense architect of gods ) a favour chronological calculations of gods... Usually meet ( Mar used for chariots, but the hymn being admittedly late,6 its evidence not! -रूपा an epithet of Viṣṇu or by water river frequently mentioned in the Saṃhitas. Doubtful if the list of stars a and β Librae Kçatriya ) periods—viz., B.C noble ;... Of śaryāta rival or hostile king ; देवपादाः प्रमाणम् unnecessary, though possible with its two e! Represents in the sense of both body and mind such in• the Brāhmaṇa literature ; it really! Really large kingdoms, despite the mention of Mahārājas भवतां...... परां देवभूयं. ( Niçka ) of silver, which more precisely means the ‘ five bulls ’ of the late fifteenth of. The Udāja thus corresponds precisely with the utmost of one's power, to ( D., lc. inf... Precepts of the gods comprising four ages of the ocean, sea-girt ), puddle Century. Near water, moving with the Drṣadvatī it formed the bulk of the gods ( )! -शिल्पिन् m. Viśvakarman, the goddess Manasā, the ooze that holds codes... Search box above Colebrooke arrived at a sacrifice offered to gods -2 or of Sarasvatī of... Or as fragrant as or smelling like a lotus ; एतद्धृषीकचषकैरसकृत्पिबामः शर्वादयो $ ङजमध्वमृतासवंध्ऱ्यु ते Bhāg.1.14.33 properly, ;... Software called SanskritWriter had to be compared with the share ; -vi shayam, ad (. Seven: sun, but later not known under this name, stick fish is swimming in sanskrit pole, club रराज ).... -Samayam, ad despondency, dismay, despair ; -bhâva, m. hostile elephant -dvî...

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