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But because fatphobic concern trolling is oppressive (and, on a more personal note, makes us cringe), it’s time for us – all of us, but especially feminists – to stop. It’s pretty much the perfect example of concern trolling, because it doesn’t have the emotion of weight attached to it. He used words like “peacefully” (for example) enough times to give him plausible deniability in a court of law. Here is the “Urban Dictionary Definition of Concern Troll.” (Photo credit When I tell this story, nobody has yet said “Well he was only trying to help!” The response is always, “Wow, what a dick.” Concern trolling is concern trolling, and it’s unhelpful in any context. The purpose of concern trolling is to instill confusion and doubt within the targeted group by raising issues under … Although the term "concern troll" originated in discussions of online behavior, it now sees increasing use to describe similar behaviors that take place offline. CONCERN TROLLING: the practice of initiating a false flag debate by assuming the exact opposite point of view as the one actually held by the speaker. Chris Christie’s girth to be elected. Concern trolling is defined as masquerading as an ally or a friend in order to offer your enemies “helpful advice” that, if taken, would hurt and undermine them. The term does such a disservice to troll dolls, sadly. For example, on a blog post about a particular political party, a Concern Troll might post something like this: I … Had Henry been concern trolling, he would have agreed with either Luther or the Pope and then suggested something … Here is my definition and please add to it. The writer himself would, of course, vote for a man of any girth. ... Concern trolling is an apt description for how he proceeds. Wiki gives us some examples of concern trolling: For example, in 2006 Tad Furtado, a top staffer for then-Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH), was caught posing as … This is a fluid conversation and I am open to your thoughts. And because we generally see fellow thin people making these comments, we wanted … For example, Bustle's Claire Warner cites an article warning a cancer survivor that she'd regret speaking about her treatment publicly as a prime example of concern trolling… In the Body Acceptance movement, the term “concern troll” gets thrown around a lot. For example, James Wolcott of Vanity Fair accused a conservative New York Daily News columnist of "concern troll" behavior in his efforts to downplay the Mark Foley scandal. “Concern Trolling” is a type of trolling where the person in question will attempt to come across as an unbiased party that has “concerns” about a particular subject. It's an example of attacking (claimed) motives (somewhere between ad hominem and poisoning the well), rather than concern trolling. ‘The primary concern troll was a guy who'd been around since the very beginning of the site.’ ‘Hundreds of concern trolls out there are just waiting for episodes of the show to air so that they can eagerly point out everything that's wrong.’ For example, a concern troll wonders if it’s really possible for a man of New Jersey Gov. At all.

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