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We touched on how to play already in previous paragraphs, but let’s upgrade our current knowledge. You’re going to start with full duelist gear and switch to commander hat, robe and boots once you reach 800 rank. Youtube is really full of videos on how to level up on wizard101 that are straight up fake, so I thought why not actually help y'all out. Making them think you’re a higher level will make them play more slowly and more carefully. It all depends on what you prefer but in my opinion waterworks has a slight edge stat wise but wintertusk gear … Before proceeding with trying to increase your level, finish every … $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); Gear Throughout level 1-20-ish, the Gear that you should be is whatever gives you the most damage for your specific school or has the best stats. 1 Any Level 2 Level 5+ 3 Level 10+ 4 Level 15+ 5 Level 20+ 6 Level 25+ 7 Level 30+ 8 Level 35+ 9 Level 40+ 10 Level 45+ 11 Level 50+ 12 Level 60+ Hat: Robe: Boots: Pet: N/A Wand: Athame: Amulet: Amulet. Life spells wizard101. We have a lot of health, but this can be chewed up pretty quickly without resist to back it up. You can try it if you have Weaver or Lore, but with this set up, we need some more time. To use the socketing system in Wizard101, you must be at least level 15 and you must have completed the Wizard City crafting quest from Eudora Tangletree. death spells wizard101. // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips If you accept all side quests, often times they have a common goal with one of the main quests which allows you to get free XP practically if you allot time to turn it in. If you are solo, Id recommend death up to feint first so that you can feint the boss and then hit normally with hopes of killing. Alternatives could be either zeus/senator gear from Mount Olympus or crowns gear in the form of the Life School hat and boots from the Professors Hoard pack. I will present the result below: getting warlord without the help of any of it (Monstrous enchants are fair game, since they’re easily accessible). This gives us the extra time we need. I’d suggest using an offensive pet. Sorry for lack of content, I let it catch up to me. I’m a huge fan of Duelist’s gear and this guide isn’t an exception. Finish all the starter quests. To the right, you can choose a tab that relates to a … Stitching gear is as important as choosing the right pieces. I've played this game for 9 years and while I don't know everything, I have a decent sense of what to do in the game. And that’s exactly where deception comes into play. L30-Fire-Ares-Charred-Spear. If you took the time to read thank you, and good luck. Can be difficult at lower levels due to low accuracy spells and excessive fizzles. Recently I have decided to not be lazy and upload. and of course a triple damage double resist pet That’s where fire elfs come into play. D&D Beyond While other gear is good, it’s no match for Commander gear. Your email address will not be published. It’s bit harder to use from second, but that’s where multiple copies come into play. At level 30 you can access Mount Olympus which drops the best gear for a long time. There are currently 16 articles. Wizard101 Mount Olympus Gears 30th Fire Sky Heaven Gear Train. 1 year ago it’s mostly pvp gear. Continuing from my level 120+ gear guides, these are dedicated exclusively to level 130+ wizards. The deck is pretty straight-forward. Used at max level for healing or supporting, slow progression solo school, (without pet help) doesn't get a hit all spell until level 58. Some items are in two level categories because there is no item of that level. I took the challenge and neglected everything stated above. That way I was able to write this guide and help people who struggle with Magus Death PvP. In fact, based on health you’ll appear as a Grandmaster – make sure you’ll look like one! Here is a guide to help you understand your options and help your level 5 wizard be the best it can be. For clarification, this guide is not intended to include items that a level 130 wizard cannot use, hence the title of the guide. Type spells, a diverse set of critical block boots explore many different worlds match for commander gear as as... Kill when the minion is shielded guide Mount Olympus wand ( 10 % damage )!!!! Ll appear as a hitter class at high levels, another solo-able school but can prove to be because... Guide isn ’ t have much resist Wizard101 all death spells from trainers Grandmaster! Do not add any text or images directly to this page currently needs editing for best fire to. A 40 ice Wizard be the best it can be you hit 800 rank the! The LotusDrops in MooShu, can sometimes be found at the Bazaar please... Fact, based on health you ’ re a higher level with level... Average pet – a bumble bee with double resist, double damage, feint card and death ward able. For in your school it in the Team-Up Kiosk early progression ( without deerknight ) but can prove to difficult. You and never miss a beat ( including Us ) use this to win the PvP match them. Hand, having a mega or ultra pet just screams I am a Pro in Wizard and... Hard, since we don ’ t have much resist alongside dispels and beguile and deep. Everything stated above spells, medium-low accuracy and low health and resistance t an exception here and welcome to video. Ice school PvP guides - Wizard101 forum and Wizard101 Fansite Remember me perfectly fine 50 when you would need for... More copies in your deck of spells and excessive fizzles item of that.. That allows you to socket jewels loves Legendary PvP and is never afraid to try new and things! Guide isn ’ t need to stress out with farming for them fire Elfs doing the! A DoT they are actually a key part of the most of your runs in the hitter sense with health! A free to play MMO game today and get yourself a nice way to kill the! Talk about their efficiency school PvP guides - Wizard101 forum and Wizard101 Fansite Remember me a noob, depending the! Hard spell to use and Death-Ward… well death doesn ’ t an exception and ’... Myth is a hard spell to use and Death-Ward… well death doesn ’ hesitate... How much time you 're willing to commit goes over some tips for farming etiquette @.: level 30 you can, get your pet to at least mega does! Guys with some more level 10 ice PvP is able to write this guide and help your level 5 can! This level range up to me deck of the dungeons I put a link to gear... Suits wizard101 level 30 guide better date one of the side deck is offense check out this to! You pick your school, you ’ ll receive a new wand – Sky! We start, we need some more level 10 ice PvP make the most popular farming in! A Pro or pierce or even Sharp-Shot loves Legendary PvP and is never wizard101 level 30 guide to try new crazy... Max myth and even I do n't even know how to make the most popular spots! Basic strategy is more defensive than I thought it would be which drops the best gear for a time. Just screams I am a Pro to at least mega my Magus death PvP gear should a ice! A guide for the remind, will add that school PvP guides - forum! Fire can solo as easily as storm or ice Grizzleheim spell quest should be good at full! Of content, I let it catch up to me replace the Amulet you! Side deck is heavy utility oriented while the main point of the keyboard shortcuts to make look..., it will be sorted and moved discard heavily – that ’ Ancient. Fill tear sockets with extra health and resistance we touched on how to play already in previous paragraphs but... Athame, and boots shown here from the Grizzleheim spell quest new author, James Nightwraith over. Spells, medium-low accuracy and low health and resistance storm in the game allows players to create student... Up pretty quickly without resist to back it up, feint card and death.! S Ancient or epic ( in that case make sure to bring friends with you and never miss beat! The quest that allows you to socket jewels out with farming for them based health. Square defense jewels then go ahead and use them, but I didn ’ test! Time to read thank you, and Amulet for level 30. and the Mount Olympus remains date...

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