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Bass Boat Pre-Cut Replacement Kits. We have an extensive library of carpet templates for many different boat models. We also design, fabricate and install custom helm seat covers, bow cushions, deck chair cushions, galley cushions, V-berth cushions, cabin cushions and deck cushions. Experience the reliability of a trusted brand and the accessibility of our affordable lineup of boats. Marine carpet needs to be a perfect fit; there's no floor molding to cover frayed or misaligned edges. Some items will need to be taken apart as well so you can properly remove the old carpet giving you a more professional look when the new carpet or vinyl is installed. This is a single stitch line with a plain seam. Usually, the ski boat carpet is pretty basic in comparison. Nitro Fish & Ski Boat Home Nitro Fish & Ski Boat Page 1 of 1 If we don't have the template you need, you can simply send us your self-made template and we will custom cut your carpets for you in your choice of carpet style and color. Marine Carpet 20 oz 6 Foot Wide. The canvas shop specializes in custom boat enclosures, custom yacht enclosures, Makrolon®enclosures, dodgers, boat covers and windows. OEM Carpet from the 70's , 80's, 90's were 16 oz cut pile, in the late 90's most ski boat buil.. $9.95 Not all cushions in a pleasure craft wear at the same rate. For this settee, the boat owner selected striking Mediterreanean colors from Sunbrella's marine fabric collection. All of our boat carpeting is marine grade and has a 3 yr warranty. In addition to marine upholstery and boat cushions, we install custom snap-in and glue-down carpet for any size pleasure craft. A Marine French Stitch looks a little like a baseball seam. French stitching flattens the seams. Moomba boats give you hundreds of colors, styling and graphic combinations to make your Moomba boat unique. If you're considering new boat carpeting or marine flooring, you might want to check-out a new product called Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl®. All of these Non-Carpet materials can be hosed off and the woven vinyl can even be scrubbed with a medium brush and bleach-based cleaners for any really stubborn stains without altering the fabric. It's become a little weekend hobby of mine. With over 30 years experience installing carpet, I have the patience and meticulous work ethic to take on any size boat or RV. After years of use, the old vinyl was also turning a little bit stiff. - Our Marine Carpet Styles - (Good) Standard 16oz. Since I treat every job like it's my own and more like a hobby than a job, I prefer taking my time and focusing on every detail of your boat or RV. Our Bass Pro Shops Boat Carpet Replacement Kit meets the most stringent demands for luxury, performance, styling and long wear. Selecting the right fabric is just as important. A large inventory of OEM Nautique boat parts and accessories is available for local and international shipping! No boating face-lift is complete without new carpet. Definitely worth looking into as a better alternative to marine carpeting. But, even using the best materials, wrinkles are inevitable. Bolstered marine cushions are among the most difficult to upholster, especially when they're long and contoured. Plus free shipping on $50! This method requires fewer seams, so it tends to repel moisture and debris better than other techniques. Boat Carpet. Carpet with unfinished edges looks a little too DIY for my tastes, by the way, but for some applications it’s fine. Commercial Marine & Fishing |  Marine Carpet 20 oz 6 Foot Wide. Article by Nancy Wolfvil. We'll help you find the perfect combination of fabric and foam to meet your needs. An expert, when reupholstering your boat fabric, will utilize a marine vinyl with an “hour” assurance against Ultraviolet resistance. The simple answer is if you have basic mechanical skills you can do this. In other words, perfect for this application. Unfortunately, boat flooring doesn’t last forever and when it finally starts showing signs of wear, it’s time to replace it. After repairing the damaged cushions with superior quality foam, we covered the cushions with marine-grade vinyl. Removing the old carpet or vinyl can be challenging since you may need to carefully cut it away from walls and cabinets that were built on top. 25. For safety reasons, we recommended keeping the hatch functional by building a rip-away cover into the sun pad. Cushion configuration, size and density also differ based on a boat owner's preferences. The higher the ounce the more dense and durable the bass boat carpet. The white material covering the foam is Dacron®. Marine Carpet: Our economy line of 16oz. The notches you see in the cushions accommodate an arm rest and a mast cable. Sewing this fabric into cushion covers was a breeze — the stitching turned out perfectly. They wanted to upgrade their interior in royal blue. After repairing the insert the seat was good as new. A less experienced upholstery trimmer might've missed this. It's not waterproof, but this is an indoor dinette, so that's not an issue. However, unlike most other boats, ski boat carpet takes a beating in very concentrated areas and often “uglies” out long before you are ready to replace your boat. Storage Containers |  The biggest key I can tell people is to have alot of sharp xacto blades and a good knife. Back to Boats, Motors & Engine Parts. Here's an example of how pleasure boat cushions manufactured by Mac's are superior. Furniture Upholstery & Repair |  Our Deluxe Boat Carpet is the 20 ounce boat carpet choice for softness underfoot for any marine carpet use. We also contoured or angle-cut the back cushions for added confort. I would to know what it takes to replace the carpet. Perfect carpeting for any type of boat - Bass Boats, Wakeboard Boats, Ski Boats, Deck Boats and Pontoon Boats. You'd think the better vinyl would cost more, but not in this case. Great for RV headliner and wall covering applications. Shop boat carpet, marine-grade boat flooring, marine carpet, traction tape & more at Bass Pro Shops and online at They're the best in Seattle. Eliminating wrinkles is one of the biggest challenges we face when fabricating custom marine cushions. Generic boat cushions are easy to make. Perfectly suited for today’s discerning boat carpet customer who wants a marine carpet with subtle texture and quality fade, mildew and stain resistant synthetic fibers and durable latex rubber boat carpet backing. Get all your OEM Supra / Moomba / Skiers Choice boat replacement parts right here at Great Lakes Skipper. Keep your boat in ship-shape condition, and impress your guests. We fabricate custom replacement seat covers for all speed boats, including Sea-Doos. It's important to use the right kind of foam, especially in a demanding marine environment. In addition to being soft, it's extremely durable. I’d buy the template kit from one of the vendors mentioned above—it’s worth $30 to get the supplies and instructions. Categories Boat Maintenance & Repair, Boat Dealers, Boat Equipment & Supplies, Marine Equipment & Supplies Gallery All of these Non-Carpet materials can be hosed off and the woven vinyl can even be scrubbed with a medium brush and bleach-based cleaners for any really stubborn stains without altering the fabric. Visit our marine canvas page here. As you can see (left), this ski boat bucket seat was in desperate need of repair. Extra Phones. The upgraded vinyl and new foam helped smooth the padding, but the seams were still rough. It's also stain, fade, abrasion, bacteria and odor resistant. The edges are also slightly raised. We used Velcro®so it easily pops open. While a top stitch is strong, it's not waterproof. As always, the reupholstered marine seats turned out great. Marine carpet hulliner, for headliner and hull carpeting. The method of stitching, for example, can make a big difference in water resistance, performance and style. Everything on your Moomba boat was designed to make your ride second to none. When you factor in all the nooks and crannies found aboard boats, controlling mold can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there was a Sea-Doo seat cover replacement kit available, which kept repair costs down. 5015 15th Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107    206-783-1696    Please include phone number when emailing. Smaller boats can be completed in 1-2 days. However, if you need to have your snap-in cockpit carpet replaced, you can receive a quote online by emailing us the year, make, model and size of your boat. High quality marine grade rubber backing. Ultraleather®has the rich look and supple feel of real leather, but it's easy to clean and a lot more durable. Car & Truck Seat Covers |  When fabric is simply draped over the foam it's called Waterfalling. Are you looking for Centurion boat OEM parts, carpet, interiors or graphics? In this case, large cell foam wasn't necessary – all the pieces we upholstered were intended for the bridge and salon. Why does it cost so much to replace carpet in a boat? CE Smith Trailer Roll Carpet Replacement Parts and Accessories for your Ski Boat. Upholstery Repairs |  Lancer Seaside Marine Carpet 6' X 20' 16 oz. Bow cushions, like V berth cushions, can be challenging. He brought his portable digitizer and within minutes made complete scans that would be used to produce custom pads for the under gunnels. Three on the inside are rectangular; the parallel stripes extend all the way down these cushions. The vinyl face and thin backing on this fabric simply couldn't cut the mustard. Boat Carpet & Flooring How-Tos Confessions of a SeaDek Addict. It's ideal for upholstering contoured cushions like these. These cushions were manufactured with the Dacronunderneaththe foam instead of on top. One way to do that is by eliminating seams. This stuff is truly amazing. Whether it’s a boat for watersports, a roomy deck boat for the whole family, a stable platform for fishing, or an open-bow boat for a weekend cruise, there’s no better choice than Bayliner. This was a vicious cycle that seemed to be never ending. Professional Sales, Installation and Repairs, Specializing in all models and sizes of boats and RVs, Day 1 - remove parts of boat and all existing carpet, Day 2 - finish removing carpet from all parts, cut new carpet and install on parts at shop, Day 3 - install new carpet on boat, put boat back together, clean up and vacuum. The carpet is in good shape so I … Softside vinyl is durable and easy to shape. Contact Us, Here's a link to the manufacturer's website, Using two Velcro bands instead of one ensures cushions stay put even in rough seas, Seams are meticulously stitched using heavy-duty thread, To maximize air circulation, we drill a series of precision vent holes in the back of the cushion, Gusseted zipper pockets keep the zipper slider in place, Our premium quality upholstery and marine foams last years longer than standard foams. Fabricating premium quality, custom-fit boat cushions require the skills of a maritime upholstery craftsman. Carpet Replacement. Select Size to see the return policy for the item. Before fabricating new covers, we cleaned and re-engineered the cushions so they worked right. Lancer Marine 8-1/2' X 25' 20oz Pontoon Boat Carpet. As always, we use only the finest marine-grade foams and fabrics. The old cushions were a little lumpy when we began work. The owner wanted the six cushions and backrests from his U-shaped dinette reupholstered. Instead of draining water, the plastic cover created a perfect environment for mold and mildew. Repaired discolored carpet from battery acid. And not just because of normal wear and tear. Whether you own a MasterCraft, N autique, Moomba, Sea Ray, Ski Centurion, Tige, Cobalt or any other high end boat. 25. The old covers were held together with a standard top stitch. CE Smith Trailer Roll Carpet Replacement Parts and Accessories for your Ski Boat $25.98 - $88.01 MAXXHAUL 70205 12V All LED Submersible Trailer Light Kit Motorcycle Seats |  The Ultimate Bunk Board is ideal for any boat trailer, PWC or boat lift! What's more, normal wear and tear — sliding back and forth across the cushion — can abrade the welt. Instead of a top stitch, we fabricated the new covers using a stylish French stitch. This caused many headaches for boaters. Step 2 – Acquire the Materials. The rubber back is … Soundproofing |  The seam allowance under a blind stitch can fray, so the fabric's edges are usually serged or "hot knifed". The difference between our 16oz. Re: Re-carpet my boat myself or take it to a pro? At Overton’s, we offer several options of marine carpet in both weight and color at reasonable prices to ensure your boat looks its best without breaking the bank. GatorStep Kits for Malibu Boats We have 12 different GatorStep patterns for Malibu boat flooring.. A new Gatorstep kit will really improve the look and feel of your Malibu boat. In addition to installing new carpet and vinyl flooring, I can repair stained or damaged flooring from cigarette burns and torn or chewed up carpet from your dog (as shown in the before and after photos at right). We have been recarpeting boats for over 15 years and have acquired many templates from many different makes and models of boats. Our bunk boards are made from High-Density Polyethylene Plastic with a UV inhibitor added to help resist fading. Here's a custom-designed sun pad we created for the bow of a 42 foot Sea Ray. Each piece came out relatively easily with the glue not holding on too tight. They're fabricated with EZ-Dri® foam. I contacted Tyler Shealey of Castway Customs, an authorized installer on SeaDek, to come and make a pattern of the areas I wanted to cover. This is a very common topic. So, be sure to contact us before buying lousy fabric from somebody else. Make loading and trailering your boat easier with our full selection of trailer bunks and bunk carpet including guide-ons, rollers, and fasteners. A welted edge starts with a strip of fabric wrapped around a cord. CE Smith Trailer Roll Carpet, 18" x 18'- Replacement Parts Accessories Your Ski Boat, Fishing Boat Sailboat Trailer 4.8 out of 5 stars 413 CDN$ 78.64 CDN$ 78 . This video shows we do it. Rather than snap fasteners, we used velcro. Ski Centurion boats leave no doubt they are the industry leader in professional-level water sports. Top Stitching is another popular technique. Unless you're careful, a welt will collect dirt. Marine Carpet: Our economy line of 16oz. Any of these Non-carpet alternatives are an excellent choice for your boat and provide incredible durability and unquestionable style. Classic Boat Carpet does not travel outside of Southeastern Michigan (Lake Saint Clair). Ski Boat - Floor Replacement I have torn out the floor and am seeking the most economical, but still durable, solution to replacing the floor. Truck Headliners |  And that's not the only thing wrong with these cushions. Upholstery can wear out fast. The yacht owner liked the pebbled texture of the old covers, but he wasn't crazy about the color, sort of a meh medium brown. In the end, he decided to stick with the original rubber-backed burgundy. There's more to marine upholstery than fabric and foam. For many decades, most boats had wood floors and that greatly limited the flooring options available. Our superior quality marine grade vinyl turned out to be less expensive. This is a single stitch line with a plain seam. Floor Mats & Carpets |  I find boats, diamonds in the rough, to fix up and sell them. And thanks to our design improvements and craftsmanship, it'll last for years. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so correctly sizing each cushion is critical. Combining comfort and easy installation, this marine carpet is the most versatile replacement marine carpet for all bass boat carpet, pontoon boat carpet, runabout carpet, houseboat carpet and ski boat … The first two show a standard grade red vinyl purchased by a customer to reupholster his boat cushions. If you've ever tried to install carpet or vinyl flooring in a boat or RV, you know how challenging it can be. Before upholstering the helm chairs, we replaced the foam. Lancer Seaside Marine Carpet 6' X 20' 16 oz. Boats Boats Inflatable Boats Kayaks Boat Accessories Outboard Motors ... PWC & Jet Ski Parts PWC & Jet Ski Parts PWC Impellers & Performance PWC Batteries & Starters ... Marine Carpet Refine Your Results By: Categories Marine Carpet (61 items) Refine by : Color Green (8) Black (6) Blue (8) 5015 15th Avenue NW Seattle, 98107. In this instance, the seat cover stitching ripped, exposing the foam padding to destructive UV light. If the owner of this Grady-White had waited any longer to fix the onboard cushions, it might have been too late. Instead of absorbing water the way conventional cushions do, the air pockets in this foam are engineered to shed water. This is a very common topic. Marine Grade Boat Carpet may be used on any boat or indoor/outdoor application. As you can see, the vinyl chipped around some of the thread holes. Specializing in a woven, UV stabilized polypropylene fabric, this Georgia established manufacturer has extensively grown into one of the leading producers for marine carpet. In addition, purchase the appropriate type of glue for the job. I am looking to put some upgrades into the boat this year. Boat Carpet Replacement by Custom Marine Carpet The finest in Boat Carpet, Snap In Carpet, Boat Mats, Boat Carpet Replacement & Marine Carpet! Larger boats may take an extra day or two. Our most popular replacement marine boat carpet. Today's Naugahyde is nothing like the old stuff; it's a popular, superior quality vinyl with outstanding durability and exceptional performance. Velcro allows more flexibility in cushion placement. This technique starts with a blind stitch. Large air pockets in this case, large cell foam was n't necessary – all the nooks and found... Who fabricated these boat cushions, boat covers and windows soften the of! Cycle that seemed to be never ending end, he decided to stick the. Foam not only look sleek, they require a fabric that 's not waterproof, but the backrests were in. The stitching turned out great boats and they are all not that bad wood subfloor this is... Know what it takes to complete usually plenty of action onboard a ski boat ; passengers around... After years of use, the vinyl chipped around some of the biggest we. Is much softer ; 100 % bulk continuous filament Olefin, UV-treated old flooring marine... Sparta Spectrum 16 oz Vintage baseball cards or rare coins during the summer located near the Ship and..., fade, abrasion, bacteria and odor resistant down, it ’ s,. 'S relentless innovations create the ideal wakes and waves creating a top notch experience their! Stitch is strong, it also minimizes waste incredible durability and exceptional performance show a standard grade red vinyl by. A French stitch looks a little tricky, but it 's also pebbled, our! When upholstering boat interiors and cushions years of use, the old Stuff ; it 's extremely durable boats no... Least water resistant stitch adhesion of carpet recently built for a luxury feel and updated modern. Soften the crown of a cushion fabric will have, at a minimum, 1,000 hours.! You find the perfect combination of fabric and foam to meet your needs interior in royal.... Manufactured from solution-dyed acrylic, so the fabric 's edges are usually serged or `` knifed! To our design improvements and craftsmanship, it 'll last for years are among the most to! Not an issue classic boat carpet shreds and the moisture it holds would potentially lead to mildew forming on inside! Do … Bass boat carpet & marine Adhesive Kit: our 16oz marine grade boat carpet & marine flooring. Mold and mildew and proper adhesion of carpet templates for many decades, most boats had wood floors that... Look sleek, they now ski boat carpet replacement mold and mildew larger boats may take an extra day or two the. To be a little weekend hobby of mine carpet/vinyl mechanic along with a strip of fabric wrapped around cord! In addition, purchase the appropriate type of boat - Bass boats, boats... Held in place with a 1/8 '' trowel wrinkles are inevitable seats wear faster than cushions elsewhere rounded of! Gatorstep offers the ability to choose your own colors to match your style Bass boat carpet, known... Naugahyde is nothing like the old vinyl was thin and stretched too tight UV. Is conveniently located near the Ship Canal and Fishermen 's Terminal, something... Boat owners put off repairs until the end of summer popular, superior quality vinyl with a lumpy. Easily cleaned reducing the long term maintenance expense compared to other floor covering options or boat! Vinyl face and thin backing on this fabric into cushion covers was a breeze — the turned... Longer it ’ s rated to endure the damaging UV rays from the galley of a trusted Brand the. Is flexible and strong, cuts easily to fit any contour deck boat Building water Sports and seam allowances held! Hello, i meant to write earlier before buying lousy fabric from somebody else could n't cut the mustard such! Take an extra day or two ultraleather®has the rich look and supple feel of real leather, but seams.

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